1    Please Click on the link to the right, Print and cut out the Prepaid Shipping Label.
      Attach to your package with clear packaging tape, cover the entire label. 

2    Please click on the link to the right and print RHR Handpiece Documentation Form 
      and include it with your handpieces. (save it on your computer for future use)      

3    Place the RHR Prepaid Shipping Label on your package and apply clear shipping tape over the label.                  Please Don't forget to fill in the "FROM" section the Label. 

4    We Recommend you INSURE your package when shipping.


5    Your package will ship PREPAID first class post directly to RHR for Expert repair from any location within the        the United States. As a new customer we will send you a supply of  pre labeled return mailers for your                     convenience  to use for future repairs. 
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       Local: 336-765-6757
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RHR Shipping Labels and Handpiece Documentation Form
Reliable Handpiece Repair and Sales, Inc.
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Toll Free: 866-208-9528
Local: 336-765-6757
Fax: 336-458-9609
Inbound and Outbound Shipping Included Anywhere within the United States, Call for Estimate to Other Destinations